Sunday, October 10, 2010

Great Halloween Deal at *Sisters*..

Check out this great dress for only $10L at *Sisters*...
This is a lovely dark dress, perfect for that Morticia style I love at Halloween!
If you need a sultry black dress and have $10L... get on over to *Sisters* and grab this dress!
love and gruesome bites from Dream....and have a happy halloween!!!xxooo

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New release today at *Sisters*!

Img is a beautiful and new dress at *Sisters* today! Very detailed hand drawn textures, such as the black net overlay on the skirt, and the torn skirt underlayer. The top has a lovely bound back and black lacy edging. Img comes with the arm bands which have interesting sculpty and prim attachments. I love this dress...Please check out *Sisters* in Harold, at Starlust...where you can buy this great dress, and many others for just $100L each! Such deals!
love from dream xxoo

Monday, September 6, 2010

New at *Sisters*

*Sisters* is now located in Harold at Starlust.
There are five great new releases today...Happy Labor Day!
Blue K is a gothic dolly style with silky blue textures. The corset is on a jacket layer,
so it is optional. Sculpty sleeves and prim neck lace add detail. All hand drawn textures!

Krakow is another gothy dolly style dress with all hand drawn textures. The rust color
is perfect for fall and looks and moves like satiny silk. The short black lace jacket and
thrashed stockings are included with Krakow.
Multifloral Dress has lovely hand drawn floral textures on two skirt options. It may be
worn with or without the plaid blouse with prim lace sleeves. Very cute!
Shelly is a versatile outfit in red gingham. Three adorable skirts and striped sox included.
Frederika is a gothic dolly style with hand drawn thorny lace textures. Lovely black
lace adorns the neck of this elegant dress.

Each of these highly detailed dresses are only $100L! You can't beat the deals at
*Sisters*! Update to the lucky chair soon to come! Get over there!
xxoo love Dream

Saturday, April 17, 2010

*Sisters* has new dresses!

There are several new dresses out at *Sisters* today...
If you like gothic lolita style you will love Acanthia. This is a lovely versatile dress with many options. Lace neck piece and sculpty sleeves included. Acanthia comes in two and a beautiful dark magenta. The uneven skirt option has cool thorny lace trailing down....

Misty is an awesome dress with tons of options. It comes in three colors, all included for one low price! The red version is not shown in the picture, but it is absolutely fabulous. Misty comes with different skirt options, (of course!) and an adorable short jacket with heart cutout and sculpty sleeves. This is a great dress, and a steal for only 200L!
Twinkle Pretty Dress is all hand drawn spring flowers. Two tops and two skirts make this several outfits in one! Very sweet and girly. Spring has sprung and it's twinkle pretty!
Hanako Dress is sweet and springlike with an Asian flavor. Pretty feminine textures, and of course different skirt options included.*Sisters* is located in Floyd, in the land of Starlust...You won't believe the prices at *Sisters*...great dresses for great prices. Enjoy your secondlife and look pretty!
xxoo Dream

Sunday, January 31, 2010

New releases at *Sisters*

Hi Hi! Check out this cute dress that is new at *Sisters* today:
Gina is a fun and versatile dress that includes three different skirts, all scripted to be easy to resize. The lolita style skirt has a sweet black bow in the back. There is also a mini belted style, and a longer skirt with black lace trim (which is not shown above.) This a fabulous deal, three dresses in one for just $100L!

I updated my lucky chair with these two new dresses today...
Noni dress in two colors, a sweet mini style with belted skirt. Grab yours in the lucky chair at *Sisters*....

Also....a new dollarbie under the stairs at *Sisters*! This fabulous corset in copper has beautiful texture...a steal for just one linden dollar! I hope you are having a lovely secondlife today..and go to Floyd in Starlust and check out *Sisters* for great clothes at great prices! xxoo love dream

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cute and new at *Sisters*

Two new dresses at *Sisters* today...Hermione is this sweet little outfit in red. It comes with a lacy corset top on all layers and a mini skirt with prim belts and pins. The lacy neck piece is included.

Simka is a darling dress with black lace over purple plaid. The mini skirt has prim belts and pins also. Simka has sculpty sleeves and neck lace included.

All prim parts are scripted to be easy to resize. *Sisters* clothing is always reasonably priced...
If you haven't been to Floyd in Starlustland you should check it out!
Have fun in your secondlife!! xxoo love Dream

Saturday, December 5, 2009

New at *Sisters*

Jelly Bean Dress is new today at *Sisters*...
This adorable dress comes with a little plaid blouse with prim sleeves. Jelly bean is cute worn with or without the blouse underneath. Another mini skirt is included, not shown in the picture.
Get this adorable outfit today for a great price at *Sisters*.

*Sisters* is participating in the Down the Chimney Hunt sponsored by the Skipping Stones group. This is gonna be a great hunt, with tons of talented designers providing free gifts for you!
This pretty organza dress is your free hunt gift from *Sisters*...

I hope you have lots of fun searching for the fantastic gifts in the Down the Chimney Hunt!
xxoo love dream